I am very excited to have been invited to speak at my good friend Sara B. Hart’s amazing event, a call to arms. This event is scheduled for January 27 from 3-6pm in San Mateo CA. If you are a woman who is feeling any fear, anger, grief, disbelief, disappointment or general malaise after the election and during this time of transition in our nation please consider attending this event to hear about what we need to do at this time to heal ourselves and our communities during this emotionally charged time in history.

In this brief video interview Sara is interviewed by Yehudit Steinberg, Media expert, Podcaster and the creative force behind THINK GROW LOVE an online community of female entrepreneurs who are making their voices heard in the world.

The speaking lineup for this fabulous event includes the myself, organizer Sara B. Hart, Yehudit Steinberg, the amazing Caterina Rando, and Carole Amos.

Here is a preview of what my message is for the day. Please check out this video about how women can contribute to our world:

I sincerely hope that you can attend this event with these fabulous ladies. I cannot express how in honored I am to be speaking at this event and how strongly I feel about the power of a group of smart focused creative women getting together to create magic in the face of chaos!

LET’s do this ladies!!!!!

I love you and I believe in US!



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