Creativity alleviates stress.

As life throws a challenging energy my way, I redirect the energy into my creative flow. My creativity is how I connect with my soul. To be in my creative flow is to be connected to my source.

I choose to respond positively when I am challenged in order to avoid feeling stressed. I clear away relationship and things that do not bring me joy and focus on creating a life I love.

My response to tough situations is connect to my deepest and most authentic self and to engage my creativity.

When I take time out to create something new, I feel like I am replacing negative energy with positivity. I use color and textures to express my mood.  Inspired activities in which I connect with my own creativity allow me to dig deep into my soul for a light that brightens the world.

Writing soothes my emotional burdens and releases my tensions. My writing keeps me connected to my imagination and the most magical part of myself.

My words both acknowledge and empower me. Being honest about my feelings is the first step to releasing their weight from my body and my energy. I follow up those open and honest words with words of empowerment and resolution. I strive to uplift and empower those around me. This is part of my creative process.

Whenever possible I exercise and connect to my voice. I love to vocalize and express myself through song. I love to sing fun and silly songs from my childhood. I love to sing songs that touch my heart. Expressing myself through song lifts my spirit. The lyrics and melodies that I write are therapeutic. My music flows through me.

My creativity pulls me out of the darkness and renews my spirit.

My artistry is a blessing. It builds me from the inside out. My courageous creativity fortifies my inner self to defend against any challenge in life. I create whatever I need in any given moment. The Universe provides all I need.

Today, I am blessed because I know the value of my creativity. My difficult situations are more manageable today because I spend time being imaginative. Being transported to another world through inspiration gives me a chance to rebuild.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How else, other than through art, can I exercise my creativity?
  2. In what other ways am I able to alleviate stress?
  3. What value do I place on creativity?
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