If you are like me at all, you’ve probably experienced various times in your life when you felt tired, overloaded, and just plain out of juice. You realized you were just getting up and going through the required motions each day, only to start all over again the next morning. You couldn’t even remember why you are working so hard and what the point of it all was. We have all been there. Those are the times when you have lost track of your self and you can’t even hear your own voice. When you feel this way, luckily, there are many things you can do to bring yourself back to life. The very first thing you want to do is to silence yourself and listen deeply.

Have you ever thought of utilizing silence to re-charge your physical and emotional states? Planning to have some silence in your life every day or two can be a great way to renew and refresh and to connect to your authentic voice. Because noise is all around you all the time, you’ve probably become accustomed to the assault on your ears; however, it can still suck away your energy and negatively affect you. The muscles in the inner ear are some of the busiest muscle groups in the human body: flexing and contracting at the whim of the multiple layers of sound waves in our environment at any given time.

Try these strategies to use the positive effects of peace and quiet to re-invigorate your life and reclaim your authentic voice:

  1. Plan a time for silence. Thirty minutes is an effective amount of tranquility to experience each day. If you’re unsure whether you can deal with peace and quiet for 30 minutes at a time, consider starting out with just 15 minutes.
  2. Ponder how you’ll spend your quiet time. Activities like browsing a recipe book, reading, or scanning the morning newspaper are appropriate ways to spend your time sans noise.
  3. Consider trying some type of meditative experience during your tranquil times. Sitting and thinking about something that brings you joy is a wonderful way to use your noiseless moments. Recalling the last time you spent with your best friend or thinking about what you want to improve within yourself are wonderful ways to spend your episodes of silence. Bonus points if you go out in nature or get adventurous and try a float in a sensory deprivation tank!
  4. Enjoy the silence. Concentrate on the lack of noise. Notice even the smallest sounds of the refrigerator gurgling, tree branches brushing lightly against the side of the house, the distant sound of city streets. Notice the sounds of nature, whether it’s wind, rain, or birds chattering away to one another. Perhaps these are sounds you wouldn’t normally hear but now you can.
    • One of my favorite exercises to do with children when I was  working as an artist in schools was to see who could hear the farthest. Trust me, I never heard such silence as the sound of their curious minds inhaling the sounds of the beautiful garden theatre at Villa Montalvo. The answers they gave back were the most spiritual, delightful and creative noises and musings I had ever heard in my life!
  5. Engage in muscle relaxation to truly get in touch with your ability to relax during your quiet times. Progressive relaxation, where you alternate between tensing and relaxing each of the muscle groups will dovetail nicely with your episodes of peace.
  6. Develop a protocol to energetically scan your body and release any tension and clear any energy you find in your physical body or energetic chakra system. A good Reiki Master Teacher will be able to teach you hand positions for a daily self healing practice or you can create a practice that feels right to you.
  7. Increase the duration of your episodes of silence, as you wish. When you begin making it a point to experience silence daily, you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it. You’ll realize you’ve been craving the wonderful feelings of renewal that only silence can bring. I really do recommend a sensory deprivation tank or a sound insulated room in order to fully get the power of the presence of silence.
  8. Feel free to detach further from your music and the television. Being still with just yourself, listening only to your thoughts will refresh you in ways that other types of rest will not. Resetting your brain by letting it relax and putting those tired little muscles in the inner ear to rest could have a remarkably renewing effect on your psyche.

Carve some moments out of your schedule on a regular basis to experience the joys and rejuvenating nature of silence. By listening to silence you will begin to become more aware of your own inner voice and perhaps discover a wold inside that you had never imagined. Infusing periods of silence into your everyday life can bring feelings of calm, patience, and rest. Spend quality time with yourself.

Develop your awareness and connect to your most authentic self. You’ll decrease your distress and increase your well-being, joy, and personal comfort. Like any relationship, your relationship with yourself will improve when you take time to stop all the noise and listen. Go ahead and take some quiet time now. Ask how your day was…. You’ll be amazed at what you hear.

To learn more about Mindfulness Meditation or “how to talk so people will listen” visit my online self help bookstore to discover more information about the healing powers of meditation. I have a variety of ebooks and information bundles on many self help subjects. With these methods, you can create a welcoming environment for yourself and others and train your mind to enjoy greater peace.

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