How to be more inspiring.

Think back in your life: Have you ever been inspired by Someone? 

Think back to what energy drew you to those inspiring people. 

What energy did they possess that you found so attractive that it inspired you? 

Here are a few SUPER TIPS to help you think about the energy you need to INSPIRE others.

  • AWARENESS: One first step in being more inspiring to others is to have the awareness of how those people made an impact on you. When you access other people, don’t just relate to how they impact you. Also notice how they affect others as well. Make a point to notice when they are talking. Observe how they communicate and are focused on the other person. What kind of body language are they employing?
  • INTEGRITY: When looking to inspire others, make sure you practice what you preach. Be your word. Walk your talk. You should be the General who fights alongside the troops. If you aren’t willing to do something yourself, you should never expect others to do it. That doesn’t mean you have to do it, but you must be willing to do it if you see the need.
  • AUTHENTICITY: Another important aspect of inspiring others is to be your most genuine and authentic self. Try not to indulge in gossip. When you say something, you should mean what you say. Don’t say anything that you can’t or won’t deliver to someone to their face.
  • COMMITMENT: Believe in what you are doing 100%. When you display the courage of your convictions, others will follow your lead. If you are not committed, people will pick up on that quickly. Sometimes a leap of faith is needed from others to support what you’re doing. Without your own confidence in your cause, you won’t get much support. Others pick up on your spirit, and that helps them find the faith they need to try what you offer. 
  • INSPIRATION: Staying inspired yourself is a great way to inspire others. You should read the profiles of people who have inspired you. Do this as often as you can. You should set up a vision board of sayings or experiences of your influencers. You need only refer to it whenever you need a boost of inspiration. Once you have your boost, others will home in on that, and it will inspire them as well.
  • TRUST: Exhibit trust in others by being a Champion to other people. When you trust that others can do the job, you inspire them by your acceptance of their abilities. They will still make mistakes. You have to be ready for when that happens. In most cases, you should continue to let them do what they need to do. Don’t cover up the mistakes of others as they won’t learn if you do. Recognize when they make the mistakes and ask if they need your help to resolve them.
  • CONSISTENCY: If you want to be inspiring to other people consistency is a natural addition to your toolbox. It means that not only do you allow your authentic committed self show up it also means that you continue to do it. Consistency of message, consistency of brand, consistency in time are all essential ingredients to build influence and to be more inspiring to others.

Choose one of these energies to embrace daily and notice that you start to draw people around you. Congratulate yourself for being INSPIRING! If you want to know some more great tips on HOW TO TALK SO PEOPLE WILL LISTEN be sure to DOWNLOAD your FREE eBook AT THIS LINK.

Here’s to your success!

Aeriol Ascher

Diva Speaker, Healing Master, Angel Guide, Wellness Advocate and Powerful Presence Coach

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