Happy New Moon and Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey! May you be blessed with the fiery creativity, ingenuity and spirit of PLAY on your healing path during this New Year of the Monkey.

Here is today’s Ascended Master Oracle Deck Reading for the New Moon Feb 8, 2016

  1. Archangel Michael
  2. Master Hiarion
  3. Krishna

On this most auspicious new moon or the Chinese New Year our reading begins with the powerful presence of Archangel Michael. Michael is an important energy for lightworkers because he helps us to remember and also achieve your life purpose. Michael wields a firey sword to cut away attachments that bind us and keep us stuck in unhealthy situations or energetic patterns. By prompting us to move beyond our fears Michael encourages us to break through patterns of procrastination so that we can make powerful life changes. Call on Michael for protection, encouragement, clarity and courage. Then listen for his supportive message: “You can do it!”

The next energy to work with on this New Moon is the beloved Master of Health and Healing, Hilarion. Hilarion arrives in our reading to remind us that our own healing powers are being awakened. It is a good time to allign yourself with alternative healing modalities. Start to practice energy medicine and develop a mindful self healing practice. Hilarion was thought to heal by commanding earthbound spirit attachments to leave. Your thoughts, prayers and focussed energy have the power to heal both yourself and others. Call on Hilarion to help in any situation requiring healing or clearing of energy.

Finally our New Moon Reading ends with the lively energy of Krishna. He dances into our consciousness and reminds us to find the blessings in our current situations. Like the old saying “what you resist persists” Krishna reminds us that when we curse or push against a situation we block the energy flow and things actually fester and get worse. Remember to look for the silver lining… the opportunity or blessings in a situation are not always immediately visable. By staying positive you will accelerate the healing and manifestation that is coming your way. Krishna is a messenger of joy, happiness, romantic love and spiritual teachings. Call on Krishna to bring your current situations into light.



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