Show up, Speak up and Stand Out! 6 month Powerful Presence Program

After years of segregating my work as a performer, teacher and healer I have finally found a way to serve my peeps in a way that incorporates my experience in all these areas. 

What I realized through years of networking, teaching and speaking as well as in my energetic healing practice was that people simply need direction, accountability, structure and training to improve their skills. For all these and many more reasons I have developed my “Show up, Speak up and Stand Out” Program for Leaders, Speakers, Teachers and Presenters.

This program is designed to assist you in your personal and professional development, upgrade your self care and to empower you as a more effective communicator.

Is this program right for you?

This 6 month transformational program is right for you

if you use your voice to speak to audiences of any kind and want to increase your vocal power, self expression and energetic presence.

This program is right for you

if you want more confidence, clarity and overall effectiveness when you speak.

This program is for you

if you want to learn about how to tap into your authentic voice and be able to communicate your amazing vision, mission and purpose with the resounding presence and passion it deserves.

This program is for you

if you are ready to adopt a daily self care and mindfulness practice to support your personal and professional goals.

This program is for you

if you want to tap into the limitless power of your own intuition to discover how you can manifest the life you desire.

The program will take place over a 6 month period and includes:

  • 3 Live Group Training Days
  • 6 Virtual Group ZOOM calls with downloadable articles and outlines
  • 2 Private Voice & Presence coaching sessions
  • 1 Personal Healing Retreat with Aeriol
  • Private Mastermind Facebook community where you can connect for ongoing tips, networking, guidance and support
  • Super Snazzy “Ready, Set, Speak!!” Binder to store all your articles , exercises and action plans.

As a result of this value packed program you will:

  • Learn to present with authority and presence
  • Learn to speak up and feel heard every single time you speak
  • Learn to craft the perfect 30 second elevator speech
  • Learn how to make an offer without feeling like your selling your soul
  • Learn to think on your feet and have fun when you speak

You will be completely transformed!

Can you imagine being able to stand in front of any audience with complete confidence knowing that you have captivated the attention in the room with your powerful presence?

Can you imagine being able to reach your peeps at that deep heart level you have been yearning to communicate?

Can you feel the satisfaction you will have at delivering your story in a way that leaves you fully self expressed and your audiences ready to sign up for the next steps to work with you?

Can you see yourself beaming joy to your audience, knowing your message has touched, moved and inspired exactly the right people who need to hear your story and who want to work with you?

Over the years I have instructed hundreds of speakers, performers and presenters on the secrets of focused intention, articulate messaging and clear diction. But this program is more than just vocal training, this program also includes the energy exercises will help you increase your body awareness and connect to your own knowing, allowing you to be fully present with your audience rather than focused on yourself. You will develop a daily practice of self care and energy healing to support you in any situation.

My clients claim that the work we have done together has connected them more deeply to their creativity and also helped overcome stuck emotions and limiting beliefs that were causing creative blockages. I sincerely believe that once you are connected to your voice, your source and your creative power there is no stopping you!

What clients are saying...

But don’t take my word for it!
Here are a few testimonials that clients have written about my teachings:

I just completed Aeriol’s Program.  Aeriol is undoubtedly the subject matter expert where healing and presence are concerned. I now know some wonderful breathing and grounding exercises and so much more. Everything she did was done in such a beautifully creative way.

During the workshop, I asked numerous questions. Aeriol provided me with excellent answers based on her intuition, practical insight, decades of study and mastery of her art. I can recommend Aeriol without any hesitation. She is a professional and a true, gifted and dedicated healer with a passion for assisting women.

Paula Pacheco

Life Coach, Professional Potentials

Aeriol is one of the most generous people I have ever known, and has a huge heart to match her incredible talents.  She is not only an inspirational speaker but an inspiration to women and speakers. Aeriol has the ability to read her audience and customize the content and exercises for any situation. Her talks are fun, informative and fluid. Her programs are jam packed with fun activities. She facilitates simple exercises that yield huge impact. Her stories and infectious laughter are sure to win over the hearts of any audience. I highly recommend your attending anything that Aeriol offers!  It will be totally worth it.

Sara Hart

Speaker, Facilitator: Hartcom

Aeriol is an awesome presenter and teacher. Her energy lights up and uplifts the entire room. She knows how to draw her audience in with her great stories and she keeps then engaged with her unique empowering exercises. The results of an Aeriol experience is that your audience is  energized, inspired and ready to thrive. I highly recommend Aeriol to speak at your conference or event. She will make a huge impact on your audience that will leave them revitalized to be in action.

Catarina Rando

Thriving Women in Business Community
caterina rando

So are you ready?

Isn’t it time you SHOW UP , SPEAK UP and STAND OUT?

For a limited time I am offering this six month transformational program valued at $4500 for the amazing introductory price of 

only $3997

Use the code INTROPRICE when you sign up and you will receive a discount of over $500!

This introductory pricing will not last forever so if you are interested in increasing your confidence, boosting your personal presence and strengthening your voice I encourage you to sign up for one of our upcoming sessions as soon as possible as space is limited. Use coupon code INTROPRICE to grab your spot at the amazing discounted price of $3997 at the link below.

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