Are you ready to activate your most powerful presence?

Would you like to deliver your message with more clarity, confidence and authority

How would it feel to know that you delivered a speech that kept your audience on the edge of their seat waiting to hear more?

Now is the time for you to Show up, Speak up and Stand out!

About Me

My name is Aeriol Ascher and I am an Intuitive Healing Master and Vocal Performing Artist/ Speaker. After closing my award winning Soul Spa: Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts, I really wanted to create a space where women could gather, connect, collaborate, laugh and sing together as they learned some skills to be better speakers so I created a 1/2 day gathering called Ready, Set, Speak! I designed this 1/2 Day Gathering to help women develop more clarity, self awareness, and mastery in their voice, presentation and speaking skills. 
Of course I had women speakers in mind for this program, but really I see this fun approach to group building and team leadership to be great for teachers and leaders and coaches as well.

As the Voice and Powerful Presence Coach I have had the amazing opportunity to speak to numerous groups of women and one of my favorite is the Thriving Women in Business Community with Caterina Rando. I recently shared some of my fun and exhilarating exercises with her community aboard the Mexican Luxury Cruise Breakthrough Retreat. Here is what Caterina had to say about my presentation:

"Aeriol is an awesome presenter.

Her energy lights up and uplifts the entire room. She knows how to draw her audience in with her great stories and she keeps then engaged with her unique empowering exercises. The results of an Aeriol experience is that your audience is energized, inspired and ready to thrive. She made a huge impact on my audience that left them revitalized and ready for action.”
Caterina Rando, founder Thriving Women in Business Community.

So how about you? Are you ready to be revitalized and inspired into action?

Are you ready to find your voice and speak out?

Are you ready to finally show up so that you can actually be heard and noticed in a more powerful and impactful way?

If this sounds like something you would like to do or even if you are just a little curious about improving your voice or having fun with groups of smart women on a mission, then this is the right place for you.

This fun filled live small group event will give you the jumpstart you need to free your voice, cla-rify your message and activate your most powerful presence with interactive games & creative activities.

  • Learn basics of vocal self-care and daily practice
  • Learn to connect & captivate your audience
  • Learn to feel confident and comfortable speaking
  • Learn to deliver your message with ease
  • Free your creativity and learn to play

Can you imagine being able to go into any situation and feel comfortable and calm to speak up with confidence and with ease?

Can you imagine getting out of your own way and having it actually be fun to speak to groups of people? Can you imagine how it feels to be with like minded women who support you and want you to deliver your message with ease?

If you are ready to finally Show up, Speak up and Stand out I hope you will join me for this fun filled gathering for women.

Normally I offer this 1/2 day experience for $197 but if you sign up now it will be $97. Upcoming dates available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am looking forward to assisting you on your journey and hope that I will be hearing from you soon!

Aeriol Ascher
Speaker / Vocalist
Voice and Powerful Presence Coach

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