Intuitive Readings with Aeriol

  • Need some direction?
  • Ready to embrace your life purpose?
  • Need a fresh perspective on your work or relationships?

If you are ready to take the next step in embracing your highest purpose and manifesting your heart's desire you are in the right place.

Aeriol Ascher is a Certified Angel Intuitive, Oracle Reader and Energy Healing Master. She assists her clients in mapping out their course by channelling messages from the oracles and employing integrated energy healing techniques to remove obstacles and blocks.

Channeled Intuitive readings using tarot cards, angel cards and/ or other oracles can reveal new information, insights, and discoveries about your soul’s path, your spirit and angel guides, current and past life relationships, career and travel.

But don’t take my word for it! Here are a few testimonials that clients have written about my intuitive readings and healing work:

Her card readings have helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life: divorce. Because of her work I have been able to approach each step of my divorce coming from a place of compassion and forgiveness while still being assertive, which, as you can imagine, has made things go very smoothly. She is always upbeat and authentically and uniquely herself. Because she is this way, she creates the space for you to feel comfortable being yourself too. I highly recommend Aeriol to anyone needing guidance and direction, or just to relax and nurture yourself with a bodywork session

Lindsay W.

Aeriol is a gifted intuitive and the Tarot reading I experienced was off the charts fabulous! She guided the process into deep understanding and supported me with her graceful knowing. My takeaway was significant and resulted in a BIG shift. Thank you Aeriol!

Cynthia R.

Aeriol helped me clearly see my situation when I found myself in a place where I felt very limited and suppressed. It was causing me significant emotional pain and I was not making the difference in people’s lives in a way that I knew I was capable of.
After just one session with Aeriol, I was able to see my situation with clarity, without emotion. This allowed me to trust myself and embrace the powerful woman I am!

I felt energized, uplifted and self-assured in a way I had not felt in a long time.

I now see myself the way others have already seen me. They have been waiting for me to see it for myself!

Thank you so much Aeriol! You are a precious and gifted woman!

Marti R.

Aeriol offers a variety of Intuitive Services based on your needs. During a session she may choose different Oracles depending on the nature of the question or area of life her client wants to access information about.

Life Purpose Angel Oracle Reading : Life Purpose, Work, Career

Relationship Angel Oracle Reading : Love, Romance and Relationship

Archangel Oracle Reading : Gentle Inspirational Guidance

Goddess Oracle Reading : Practical and Empowering advice

Ascended Masters Oracle Reading : Health, Wellness & Lifestyle

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Reading : Advice related to chakra system.

Archetype Oracle Reading : Personality, Interpersonal Communications, Karmic Patterns

Angel Tarot Reading : Ancient esoteric wisdom of tarot combined with uplifting and positive angelic energies.

Tarot Reading : Ancient tool for Divination and Healing.

Armed with a powerful arsenal of Metaphysical Knowledge and Intuitive Training Aeriol can serve as an excellent spiritual guide in navigating the messages spirit uses to prompt us on our life path.

Aeriol is available for gallery readings and talks about energy healing, creativity and intuition at your group or special event. Check out Aeriol in action in this brief video of her doing readings for the Thriving Women’s Symposium. 

your in person or tele-reading with Aeriol.

~Aeriol Ascher

Intuitive Healing Master, Energy Activist, Powerful Presence Coach

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