Taking care of yourself and having a daily self care practice does not have to be complicated or expensive. Here are 3 easy lifestyle choices you can embrace to live a healthier, happier and stress free life.

Three Easy Life Style choices to embrace for healthier living

  1. Drink Water: It is nearly impossible to drink too much water. We need to do this not only for obvious dietary reasons but also to cleanse the tissues of that nasty adrenaline and stress chemicals secreted by your glands into your bloodstream as a reaction to negative emotions or trauma. Consider that our body is electricity.  Water is one of Mother Nature’s powerful conductors take advantage of this precious gift and drink plenty of clean fresh water. Figure out how much you want to drink a day and then double it! Bonus if you bless it using your intentionality before consuming it.
  2. Practice Intentional Breathing: Don’t laugh, I know it sounds silly to have to say but I mean it. I find most of my clients do not know how to connect their breath to their body. As both a healer and a vocalist I am so very grateful that I was taught to breathe correctly. Frequently I see people breathe in short shallow breathes so I usually begin all sessions or talks with a few deep breathes to sync up the energy of the room. In my practice I see people puffing out their chest and sucking in their gut or worse yet they will actually unconsciously raise up their shoulder to their ears trying to breathe on cue. These half hearted breaths are not only not filling the lungs to full capacity which denies the physical body oxygen. Now if you are a singer or a speaker you know you need enough air to get your words out. But even if you are just a human your body needs as much oxygen as possible to make your brain work, right? I teach my clients and student to practice “Ha” breathing. Breathe deeply. In through nose. Slowly, for four counts. 1, 2, 3, 4. Hold for a slight pause and then breath out with a soft breathy “haaaaaaaaa” for 8 counts. Try it. You will like it. Ha Ha Ha Ha is great for core strength =)
  3. Meditate Daily: This can be simple. Breathe into your heart. Ground into Mother Earth. Connect to your Higher Self. Call on Your Angels, Healing Masters and Goddess Guides to assist you in bringing forth the best possible you for the day. Call on Archangel Michael to cut any energetic chords from the on all planes across space and time. To get you started on a daily home practice here is a free brief meditation you can check out Unified Heart Meditation.

Intuitive Healing Artist, Spiritual Advisor and vocalist Aeriol Ascher has decades of experience assisting clients to live more comfortable, confidant and conscious lives. Her Metaphysical Healing Center Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts was voted Best “Day Spa” in Silicon Valley by the San Jose Mercury News 2015. Aeriol empowers her clients with tools to increase awareness, hone intuition and connect to their authentic self by offering gentle guidance and straightforward advice in navigating their life path and manifesting their heart’s desire. Got Questions? www.AskAeriol.com

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