Voice & Presence Coaching

Personalized Vocal Coaching for women leaders, speakers, teachers and performers. 

Are ready to Show up, Speak up and Stand out in your personal and professional life?

Do you want to develop your voice quality and overall presence?

Would you like a daily vocal practice or a warm-up protocol for exercising your voice before speaking or presenting?

Do you need a safe space to practice your speech and your delivery?

If your answer to one or more of those questions is yes, then I may have a solution for you!

After years of working in two separate fields: performing as well as healing arts, I developed a very specific skill set that helps my clients develop mastery in both vocal quality and energetic presence. I began seeing private clients for Voice and Powerful Presence Coaching Sessions and the result has been  amazing!

I see clients in person at my home studio in San Jose, CA or virtually via Zoom video conferencing technology, so there are no geographical limitations in working with me.

As a result of these sessions you will come away with a working knowledge of:

  • How your voice works
  • How to develop a daily self care protocol to support vocal health
  • How to use intentional breathing to increase vocal quality
  • How to manage your internal energy
  • How to connect with your audience
  • How to craft your message / offer

Can you imagine feeling confident to stand up and speak, sing or present with ease?

Can you imagine knowing exactly how to walk into the room and command attention?

Can you imagine having the tools to “turn it on” whenever you need it?

What clients are saying...

Thank you, Aeriol for your amazing work and your amazing energy. As an intuitive teacher myself, I took the exercises and ran with them and my workshop was off the hook! I’ve taught for many years but incorporating these few tweaks were so powerful and completely transformed my experience of making an offer at the end of my workshop. I felt like it was the easiest offer I’ve ever made and I didn’t feel weird at all. I’m so grateful I met you and got to experience working with you. 

Heidi Diouf,

Healer, Author of The Super Power Playbook

Aeriol is clearly very knowledgeable about all things voice. Her coaching is effortless and and she makes it fun! Although I’ve been teaching and speaking for many years, I’ve learned several new and important skills from Aeriol to help my presentations be even more effective. Aeriol creates a safe environment for women to acknowledge their true, powerful voice and feel the freedom to use it.

Julie Hawkins,

Speaker, Author, Empowerment Coach

Aeriol is an outstanding vocalist and coach. I highly recommend her if in the market for lessons. She is a great choice to either teach you the ropes for stage presence or to help you improve your vocal skills regardless of your current skill level.


Mike Osborn,

Independent Music Professional

When I saw Aeriol coaching people’s speech, I was interested in working on accent reduction. As an non-english native speaker that is very important. She started with a diagnostic session so she can hear where I was and what my mouth was doing. The experience was restorative for both my body and soul. Her integrative style, expansive knowledge, and smart exercises have definitely exceeded any voice or speaking coaches I have had previously. She is patient and kind and understands how my voice works and how to help me make the required sound changes. I leave the session every time feeling confident and prepared.

Doris Bersing, PhD.

Educator, Women's Empowerment Coach

Working with Aeriol was an amazing opportunity due to her knowledge of voice and vocal anatomy. I made sounds I never thought possible a fit was so much fun!!! I definitely stepped out of my box but in the easiest way imaginable. Aeriol is a gem and one hell of a coach!

Santana DaLuz,

CEO, Out and Proud Coaching, Director Thriving Women in Business Center

 I have done some coaching with Aeriol and as a result I’m so much more aware of my voice, how I project and engage the audience. She has taught the gift of how to use my voice to make an impact and engage the audience. And as a result I stand louder and prouder every time I speak. I learned things about tone and pitch that I had never known before and I look forward to expanding my range and knowledge, of how to best and most effectively use my voice with continued coaching from Aeriol. As there isn’t anyone else I would want to learn this much from. Thank you empowering me Aeriol! 

~ Nafsheen Luhar,

Photographer, Speaker, Empowerment Coach

So are you ready?

If you are ready to eliminate your fear of public speaking once and for all, then I hope you will let me support you in your next step in Showing up, Speaking up and Standing out, head and shoulders above your competition. 

only $225

The investment for your first session is $225 with discounted packages rates after your initial visit.

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