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Activate Emotional Intelligence to become a better Leader | Aeriol Ascher

Most of us think of a leader as someone with a great deal of advanced education and professional experience in a certain area. And while knowledge and experience are important qualities, one’s ability to communicate and work well with others is just as important to being an effective leader.

Having a high degree of emotional intelligence (E.Q.) allows you to be able to inspire and motivate others to co-operate with you to accomplish a shared objective and vision. There are several ways that you can strengthen your interpersonal communication skills.

Try these methods to dramatically raise your E.Q. and accomplish more together: 

  1. Increase your self-awareness. Personal Development or Self-development is the foundation of excellence. Before you can lead and inspire others, you must first understand your own motivations and your own behaviors.
  • Develop your success vision by learning to listen to your inner guidance and by embracing your values and dreams. Trust yourself. Try not to compromise your personal values to achieve a goal or for other temporary gain it may not be instant, but you will have to at some time take a look at why you sold yourself short.
  • Embrace passion by learning to be motivated by your internal compass rather than external forces and situations. This is easier said than done if you do not have some sort of system of daily centering and calibrating your energy. I talk about this a lot in my healing practice but I won’t spend to much time on it here. The important take away is to have some sort of protocol or daily practice or checking in with yourself through meditation, energy healing, prayer or whatever it is for you.
  • Keep your energy fully recharged, so you can give your best effort. You can stay energized by taking the time to learn what activities re-energize you and which ones drain your energy. This comes from daily practice and self awareness.
  • Respect yourself. Know the limitations of your body, mind, and spirit and strive for balance between your responsibilities in all areas of your life. Do not neglect areas because you are passionate in another. A rich full life is balanced and well rounded.
  • Become aware of your flaws and limitations. Seek ways to improve yourself and be open to change. Never stop trying to be your best and to strive for mastery. 
  1. Strengthen your discipline and self-management. Learning to be responsible for your behavior, attitudes, and actions can raise your performance level as well as help you to build trust and authority with others. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide when you are a leader. You must be able to keep a steady even temperament through whatever energies you need to work through.
  • Seek the input of others. Ask how you can help them, or what you need to do differently to communicate more effectively, be more inspiring or manage them better. 
  • Hold yourself accountable for your actions and performance. Be your word. Demonstrating integrity is an important part of building trust as a group leader.
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate responsibilities and tasks. Be confident enough in yourself to surround yourself with talented, qualified people. There is no room for jealousy or pettiness when you are the leader. Let the people surrounding you rise up and step into their own power for synthesized success.
  1. Develop your social awareness. Be aware of your own attitudes and the power you have to motivate others. As we have discussed, there is no room for negative thinking of self doubt when it comes to being a leader.
  • Show genuine concern for others and learn how to actively listen. I cannot stress this enough. By asking people what is important to them and actively listening to their response you can gain insight into their character, build rapport and trust and make a lasting connection. By taking time to create lasting bonds in this fashion you will develop a strong team around you that will work with you rather than against you. 
  • Give others a reason to support you and your vision. People want to have some stake in the game and they want you to notice their efforts in helping you achieve it. Let others know when they have done a good job and look for ways to openly recognize and reward excellence. When you praise success, the result is more success.
  • Be supportive: Help others to increase their abilities and fully utilize their talents by providing opportunities for training, scholarship, and personal and professional self-development. 
  1. Emphasize greater relationship management. Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others. Tell them how important they are to you and the greater cause. Utilize everyone’s best qualities and minimize their limitations with effective assignment of tasks and delegation of responsibilities. This is especially important if you are asking for people to give their energy, time or support and they are not getting compensated. 

Regardless of your formal education level or professional experience, you can achieve greater success as a leader by learning how to use your innate people skills to fully harness the talents and energy of others. These strategies will allow you to increase your E.Q and inspire others to fully enlist in your cause of their own free will.

Here Aeriol Speaks to the Thriving Women in Business Community about the Importance of Whole Self Care for purpose, personal empowerment, clarity and powerful leadership.

Put these tips into action and watch your influence as a leader skyrocket.

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