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Freebies | Aeriol Ascher


I am committed to your success. Committed to your success as a speaker, as an entrepreneur and as a leader in your field. Please enjoy these resources and let me know if there is anything I can do to support you in Activating your Authentic Voice and Embodying your most Powerful Presence so you can deliver your unique message to the world.

Free eBook- How to speak so so others will listen: Mastering the Art of Influence

Do you have a message to share? Are you ready to step into your powerful presence and be heard? Are you ready to speak up with courage and confidence? Please enjoy this free ebook and worksheet “How to speak so others will listen”. In this FREE download we will discuss important topics to help you connect with your audience to deliver your message with ease.

  • Charisma
  • Body Language
  • Connecting with Audience
  • Affirmations for Success
  • Mindset Exercises


Free Virtual Positivity Program & eBook Download

What do self care, rest and relaxation have to do with leadership or business? EVERYTHING! A well-rested leader or business owner who is practicing whole self care is more grounded and balanced. With their self care needs met, a leader makes wiser decisions and has more energy, vitality and patience to deal with life’s problems and challenging clients. If you need help relaxing, and some support with your self care routine check out my simple self care tips for more clarity, focus and productivity.


Free eBook: Loving your Self, Whole: A Self Care Guide for Heart Centered Leaders

Let’s Face it, unless you examine and consider the Whole Self: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual you will never get the Life Balance you are striving for. Whether you are a Leader, Speaker, Practitioner or Entrepreneur it is important for you to develop a daily practice of Whole Self Care that starts by accepting each aspect and deciding if there is room for improvement or change. This Free eBook and companion worksheet can help you to identify the areas where your own Self Care routine is lacking. Step into your authentic self and access your true personal power by embracing Whole Self Care by Loving your Self Whole.

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