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What I Do | Aeriol Ascher

What I Do

I help fun, creative but stressed out entrepreneurs, speakers, teachers and coaches who struggle with confidence, clarity and motivation to activate their most powerful presence and highest potential to achieve personal freedom and business success by Identifying their soul purpose, clarifying their vision and practicing radical self care.

My Philosophy

I believe that by reclaiming and activating personal power and divine presence that a person can embody their optimal self in order to achieve their soul’s mission and higher purpose. I combine a deep understanding of the spiritual realm with my experience in training leaders, speakers, and teachers for a truly one-of-a-kind transformative experience.

My Methods

I empower my clients and audiences with energetic tools they can immediately employ to powerfully and confidently show up, speak up and stand out in their personal and professional lives. My clients learn how to energize their body, clear their mind, harness the power of their intentions and most importantly awaken the magic power of their voice with mindfulness meditation and a daily practice of radical self care.

My Goals

I would be remiss if I did not say that my goal was for World Peace and Harmony. I am hopeful that by assisting as many women as I possibly can to achieve their highest potential by activating their most powerful presence and speaking from their authentic voice that those women will go out and empower other women and they will go out and empower others and so on and so on. This to me is the best plan I can think of for fast tracking our course to world peace.

Speaking & Writing Opportunities

Speakers, Leaders, Holistic Entrepreneurs, Healing Practitioners, Teachers, Mentors and Coaches 

Podcast Interviews, Virtual Speaking, Book Writing Opportunities 

  • Are you looking for opportunities to speak and/ or promote yourself or your services?
  • Do you have a message you need to get out to the world?
  • Do you have a miraculous story of Transformation or Healing that you would like to share with a global audience?

I would love to support you in your success! Share your message with me and with the world in an interview time slot on my Healing Body Mind and Soul Podcast platform. Or be a speaker at one of our Virtual Speaker Summit Events!

Personalized Coaching

Presence Coaching & Holistic Business Mentoring

I work with New Thought Leaders, Holistic Teachers, Enlightened Entrepreneurs, Healing Practitioners, Mentors, and Coaches to get the confidence, clarity and insights they need to bring their message, their brand and their business to the next level so they can exceed their wildest dreams!  Some of the things I can help my clients with are:

  • Voice & Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Confidence Building
  • Personal Brand & Image Development
  • Online Presence Building
  • Systems and Marketing

I am able to work with English speaking clients anywhere in the world through zoom video conferencing technology.

Small Group Programs & Mastermind Network

Enlightened Entrepreneurs, Heart Centered Business Owners, Speakers, Teachers and New Thought Leaders

I offer learning events and programs that help empower business owners to do their thing. I enjoy assisting my clients to get the clarity on how to present their powerful gifts and heart centered business with the world that will attract your perfect clients and help move them to the next level with ease.

I love group programs because they really take on a life of their own. For this very reason I also offer co-ed mastermind groups for entrepreneurs who want to have a breakthrough in their lives or business with the group mind think tank method of a Mastermind Group.



Free Report: How to Speak so Others will Listen.

Do you have a message to share?

Are you ready to activate your most powerful presence?

Are you ready to harness your passion and master the Art of Influence?

In this informative report you will learn insightful tips that will have others leaning in to listen to what you have to say.

We will talk about some of the most important aspects of speaking including: charisma, body language, mindset. energy management, language and voice.

Now is the time to share your message with the world.

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